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Dinner Tonight: Puréed Watercress

My fiancée was plowing through my old copy of Ruch Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires last week when she started rattling off the recipe to the above-mentioned dish. As she went on about the few ingredients, the short cooking time, and how delicious it looked, my only thought was: What recipes?

See, I’d sped through it myself about a year or so ago, but I must have skipped over the mid-chapter recipes like a bad high school student trying to read as quickly as possible. It was my loss. These recipes, now that I have a chance to go back to them, look fantastic. I will personally vouch for this one. It’s a purée of watercress and potatoes that looks like creamed spinach but is lighter and more flavorful.

I’ll read more carefully next time.

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