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Dinner Tonight: Green Bean Salad With Cream

More green beans? I had lots of skirt steak left over from my Monday binge, and so I needed a little green to side along with all that beef that had to be eaten. These beans were hanging around, and I thought they’d complete the meal nicely.

And they are convenient. Since they are eaten cold, preparation can happen whenever. The beans keep nicely in the fridge for a day or two. The fiancée and I suggested saving some for a dinner party the next day but mid-meal decided it was a better idea to eat it all that night.

While the above picture makes these beans out to be as artery-clogging as the meat, that cream is crème fraîche, and it’s tangy and light. I originally couldn’t find it at my local grocer, and looked up exciting tales of making it from scratch. It requires buttermilk cultures and whole days to prepare. That’s about when I just caved in and drove to Whole Foods. They should have it close to the cheese section next to the goat cheese, and not by the milk, where I had first checked.

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