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Dinner Tonight: Boston Lettuce With Toasted Almonds and Ginger Croutons

By most standards, this salad is typical or, more bluntly, kind of boring. Roasted almonds, Boston lettuce, and a simple vinaigrette. But the ginger croutons, ah! Those are a keeper. Or, as the recipe says, “a knockout." Making croutons is a simple action to save a boring salad, and making ginger croutons is a step beyond that.

The dressing is more a theory than a recipe. They didn’t deem it necessary to give amounts. Just a splash of this and a dash of that. I guess that’s what one should expect from Cooking in the Lowcountry from the Old Post Office Restaurant. The dressing somehow works. I wish the same thing could be said about the almonds. I should have purchased pre-slivered almonds. Halfway through, I just started chopping them up because I had a life to live. Luckily, nothing else here takes that long.

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