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Dinner Tonight: Popcorn Chickpeas

Call me crazy, but I didn’t know that if you heated whole chickpeas they would get crisp and pop. Most of the chickpeas I ingest come all puréed or in deep-fried balls, so I guess I was missing out on this phenomenon.

I pulled this from the The Herbal Kitchen, a gorgeously laid out book about the joys of using herbs in just about everything. I had also thought about chickpeas and parsley, probably because of the hundreds of falafel sandwiches I’ve downed. But the rosemary makes this a much heartier dish. Though definitely not a main course, it is an easy little snack good for those tired of the normal chips and dips. It even tastes good reheated, which you can't say about popcorn. However, like popcorn, it tastes better and better with every additional pinch of salt.

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