Cook the Book: Can't Find a Lid for That Pot?

book-whats-a-cook-to-do.jpgApart from giving sound how-to advice on cooking particular food items, James Peterson's What's a Cook to Do? gives all sorts of little kitchen hacks. Don't have a sifter? You can use a fine-mesh strainer and your hand or the back of a wooden spoon to sift flour.

One of my favorite tips, though, is the one that follows, as I always seem to misplace the pot lid for whatever pot I'm cooking with at that particular moment.

Can't Find the Pot Lid?
Unless you're very well organized, you many find yourself spending time looking for the lid that fits a particular pot or saucepan. Don't worry about it: As long as the lid is larger than the pot, without being enormous, it will work. Turn the lid upside down so liquid that condenses on the lid will fall off the convex lid instead of running down the sides of the pot.

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Cook the Book: Can't Find a Lid for That Pot?

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