Chicken Empanada with Chorizo and Olives

I had a chicken empanada for dinner last night that had been billed as spicy but was actually unbelievably bland, and so perhaps you'll understand why I felt so sorry for myself when I saw Smitten Kitchen's recipe for chicken empanadas with chorizo and olives this afternoon.

Deb reworked a recipe from Gourmet, removing raisins and choosing a different dough, and says, "these empanadas are the best things I’ve made in a while. The crust is flawless, and the dough terrifically easy to work. The filling would be equally tasty over rice or another grain, but tucked inside a pocket, the ultimate finger food. Food like this makes me certain that we and our guests are getting more spoiled by the week, and this, my friends, is a very good thing."

Chicken Empanada with Chorizo and Olives

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