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"...the gastronomic supersite Serious Eats."
The New York Times

"With a fresh design, a constant flow of well-written posts, and a genuinely engaged community, Serious Eats makes a good case for why old-school media outlets should fear the rise of blogs."

"Serious Eats represents the next generation of food media... It has everything a mainstream site like Condé Nast-owned does -- from restaurant reviews to cooking advice -- but with a hipper edge."
PBS MediaShift

"It's a beautifully put-together blog - easy to follow, visually appealing - with food writing that makes your stomach rumble. Ultimately, Serious Eats is a must-click for all food lovers."
McClatchyTribune News Service / Sun Journal

Awards & Honors

2010 James Beard Award Winner: Best Food Blog
James Beard Foundation

2010 James Beard Award Winner: Best Video Webcast, 'The Greenmarket: One Farmer's Story'
James Beard Foundation

2010 Official Honoree for the Food and Beverage category
The 14th Annual Webby Awards

Top 100 Travel Sites for 2009 "A colourful food blog with some good restaurant recommendations..."
Times Online

50 of the World's Best Food Blogs
"Practically everything you need to know about food"
Times Online

The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites 2008
"This foodie megablog... aggregates a ton of tasty content..."
PC Magazine

50 Best Websites 2008
Time Magazine

2007 Weblog Awards: Best Food Blog

2007 Food Blog Award Winners: Best Food Blog (Group)
Well Fed

2007 Editors' Awards for Online Excellence
"We hate the way food and cooking have been sold as a separate culture, understood only by the dedicated, replete with stylists and snobby wonks and glamour--but Serious Eats is fun, informed, and fair-minded."
The Morning News

Blog Pick of the Year 2007
"Serious Eats features a formidable video section with original programming from Mario Batali, a burgeoning recipe section and a guide to eating out that all complement the site's own editorial blog posts. Wrap it all up in an incredibly well-designed, beautiful aesthetic that combines elegant details with frequent fun illustrations, and it's an unquestionable winner."
Anil Dash

Best Blogs of 2007 That You (Maybe) Aren't Reading
"... Serious Eats was the first site to find the right mix of editorial voice and community interaction."

Other Mentions

"Serious Eats, a great web site and one I peruse regularly..."
Andrew Zimmern

"Serious Eats has become my favorite food Web site. This column has been a snack. Serious Eats brings a daily smorgasbord of links, recipes, videos, reviews and thoughtful exploration of all things related to food."
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Paging through a stack of food magazines is a favorite rainy Sunday afternoon pastime, but lately it's an activity that's feeling a little Dead Tree Scroll-ish. So now I log onto this smart, New York City-based pastiche of original and rehashed food, cooking and dining content."
Star Tribune

"... you can tell this is the big league of blogging. With a talented group of writers and foodies, there's very little the Serious Eats team fails to report on -- especially bacon."
Yale Daily News

"Serious Eats has something for everyone interested in food."
Simply Recipes

"Ed Levine and his cadre of contributors aim to keep us informed and entertained about anything having to do with food... You can't help feeling smarter after a quick run through this site."
St. Petersburg Times

"New York Times writer Ed Levine filters, compiles and analyzes all the juiciest global food news and opinions."
Travel + Leisure / CNN

"Serious Eats is a new kid on the block - the brainchild of a few passionate food lovers who were looking to create a positive place to discuss and share information about food and drink."

The "bastion of online food writing..."

"Serious Eats is awesome. And I'm not just saying that because they pay my bills."
The Girl Who Ate Everything

"If it were possible to have a crush on a website, I would carry a huge torch for Serious Eats... I so completely adore them."
She Eats.

"... [T]he food blogging world officially spawns another chubby pup."
Village Voice, Eat for Victory

"...[N]otorious food porn lovers... "