How to Use Almondmilk

No Cooking Required

There are many ways to enjoy Almond Breeze—sip it straight from the carton when no one’s looking, or drink it from a glass to be more polite. Pouring it into your cereal bowl is another tasty option, and definitely try a dash in your coffee—we love the vanilla and chocolate varieties for a sweet boost of flavor. Smoothie-in-the-morning types can mix up their concoctions with the Coconutmilk blend or Hint of Honey. And, for keeping your cold brew or milkshake extra chilly, freeze Almond Breeze in your ice cube trays for icy-cold sips in a flash.

Cooking and Baking

Almond Breeze isn’t just good for drinking on its own or blending smoothies. It’s also ideal for your favorite recipes at home, from soups and savory dishes, like butternut squash mac and cheese and creamy asparagus soup, to baked goods and desserts, like chocolate chip monkey bread and toasted oatmeal apple breakfast bar. Try Almond Breeze Almond Coconut or Almond Cashew blends to add depth to vegetarian chili and homemade curries, or substitute unsweetened varieties for water or broth when you’re cooking grains, like rice, barley, and quinoa. For dessert, why not use the Original flavor to make delicious dairy-free banana ice cream? Overnight oats can soak in wholesome Vanilla or Hint of Honey, making them extra tasty with fruit and yogurt. These Almond Breeze swaps are simple, wholesome, family-friendly, and delicious—see our recipes below for even more Almond Breeze inspiration.

The Almond Breeze Difference