Our Advertisement Policy

Serious Eats is supported by advertising. Without it, we would not be able to provide you, the Serious Eats community, with the high-quality free content that we pride ourselves on producing eighteen hours a day seven days a week, which includes more than 150 generated-in-house posts a week that are carefully chosen, written, and edited with your pleasure and edification in mind. We try our best to ensure that our readers remain completely informed of what's going on to give them the option of choosing whether or not to click on our sponsored content links. We never accept pay-per-post and we are always transparent with our readers about our sponsors. We do not accept compensation for reviews or articles, and advertisement on Serious Eats does not correlate with a positive editorial opinion.The following are some of the most common kinds of sponsorships and advertising opportunities available on Serious Eats.

Display Advertisements

These appear either in the sidebar, at the very top of the page, within the body of archive pages, or occasionally along the bottom. Audio in these advertisements must be user-initiated. We strive to work with our advertising partners to ensure that all advertisements that appear on our site are relevant to our readers. Occasionally, ads that violate these guidelines slip through the cracks. If you see any ads that violate these policies, please contact us, and we'll work to get it removed immediately. Sponsors have no input into our regular posts.

Sponsored Series

Advertisers sometimes sponsor a series of posts or a column on a particular theme. The sponsor's logo will appear with a short, unobtrusive message at the top of the post, and their advertisement may appear in a sidebar. While it's true that we discuss our thoughts beforehand with specific sponsors, our agreements with them are for general content guidelines only--sponsors do not have editorial input or approval.


Advertisements that appear in an editorial format, but are written 100% by our sponsor. Serious Eats neither writes nor edits any of the content. These posts will always be very clearly demarcated with the tag "SPONSORED" above the author byline, which will always be the name of the advertiser that is presenting the content. These posts will also always appear with a color treatment that is different from our regular editorial content. Additionally, the inside page of the post will always include a clear disclaimer that this is advertorial content along with a link to our comprehensive advertising policy. Additionally, all advertorials will be closed for comments. This is because historically, comments on these types of posts inevitably ended up talking more about our advertising policies than the content of the post itself. This doesn't mean we don't want your feedback on these posts--the best way to share your feedback is in Talk --> Site Feedback or by sending us an email. As always, we welcome any and all feedback to help us improve our site and our content.

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated emails are paid advertisements from our partners sent on their behalf by us at Serious Eats. These occasional dedicated email advertisements aim to share valuable product and service ideas with Serious Eats readers that we think you will find useful and interesting. Dedicated email advertisements can be recognized by the colored bar "From our Partner / Sponsored Email" at the top of the email and the special subject line "From Our Partner." Sponsors never have access to our readers' email addresses, and we will never sell or otherwise share your email address.