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What's Your Favorite Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 96 comments

It's finally time to figure out who serves the best deep dish pizza. We're not the least bit interested in debating the merits of the style, or whether you even think it deserves to be called pizza. All we want to know is where we should go to find the ultimate version of this iconic dish. More

Open Thread: Do You Lick Your Beaters?

Open Thread Niki Achitoff-Gray 70 comments

There are few things I take for granted in this world. The sun rising, the seasons changing, and the fact that everyone likes licking beaters. More

Where is the Best Sushi in Chicago?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 23 comments

Have you recently stopped to think about how much raw seafood is around us? Almost every other new restaurant seems to have some kind of uncooked fish on its menu. But where can you find the best stuff? More

What is Your Pretzel Preference?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 13 comments

If you prefer an airy and light pretzel, slicked with butter and lightly sprinkled with salt, the offering at The Radler is your guy. But if you like some crispness and perhaps a dark mahogany crust on your pretzel, you might want to look elsewhere. More

What's Your Favorite Restaurant in the West Loop?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 16 comments

"Where should I eat in the West Loop?" We get asked this all the time, and while it's never been an especially easy question to answer, it's only gotten harder over the past year. More

Hey Chicago, What Should We Eat in 2014?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 22 comments

We need your help. What places should we try that we haven't already covered? Any cuisines or neighborhoods you feel like we've neglected? More

What's the Best New Chicago Restaurant of 2013?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 8 comments

With 2013 winding down almost as quickly as the temperature is plummeting, it's time to reflect, which inevitably leads me to consider all the delicious things I've eaten this year. But which new restaurant did you love the most? More

Open Thread: Which Chicago Chef Would Cook Your Dream Thanksgiving?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 9 comments

Obviously, this is a completely hypothetical exercise, so don't worry about holding on to any kind of reality. Any chef is fair game. Want to gather together a number of chefs to cook a coursed menu for you? Fine. More

Thick or Thin: How Do You Like Your Corned Beef and Pastrami Sliced?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 19 comments

Is hand-slicing pastrami and corned beef always 100 percent better? Or do people actually prefer the two classic deli meats sliced paper thin? More

Open Thread: What's Your Most Memorable College Dining Experience?

Open Thread Niki Achitoff-Gray 75 comments

Some colleges are renowned for their stellar dining programs. Mine...was not one of them. In the early days, we'd speak in hushed whispers of campuses rumored to serve farm-fresh produce and rare salmon steaks. Later, we merely shuffled along, eyes cast downward, loading our plates with ambiguously colored meats and scrambled eggs, fresh out of the cardboard box. More

Open Thread: Most Anticipated Fall Restaurant Opening in Chicago?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 10 comments

Fall brings with it a renewed sense of purpose, plus it's as good a time as any to take a look at the numerous new restaurants planning to open up in Chicago soon. More

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Fast Food Mash-Up?

Fast Food Niki Achitoff-Gray 19 comments

If you've ever ordered a McFlurry, you know that it all boils down to the ultimate decision: M&M or Oreo. But here the thing. What if I told you that you could break free from your years of torturous bondage? What if I told you that there's something better, something bigger than a mere Oreo or M&M McFlurry? More

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Vegetarian Meal in Chicago?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 14 comments

What is your favorite vegetarian meal in Chicago? Do you like to splurge, or do you prefer getting your vegetarian fix at neighborhood places? More

Open Thread: How Do You Beat the Heat in Chicago?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

How are you dealing with the heat wave? Do you cool down with ice cream, or do you embrace the sweat and go for spicy food? More

Open Thread: Best Places to Eat Outside in Chicago?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 10 comments

This week we explored the ins and outs of dining with a great view, but as great as gazing out a window can be, we realize there are times when the weather is so pleasant you'd rather be on the other side of that glass. More

Open Thread: What's the Best Steak in Chicago?

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 23 comments

Take a walk on N. Rush St. and see if you can go more than a block without running into an establishment with a massive charred ribeye on its menu. Yet, we've mostly turned our back on this aspect of the Chicago dining scene. We're hoping to change that soon, but first we wanted to get your opinion: what's the best steak in Chicago? More

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