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Getting to know the folks behind the food and drinks you love.


Ask a Spice Shop Owner: Patty Erd, The Spice House

What goes into running a small business that sells to the top chefs in Chicago and home cooks around the country? Meet Patty Erd, the current owner of the Spice House in Milwaukee, to find out. "Ground spices have a shelf life, generally speaking one year. Beyond that, they won't make you sick, but they'll have lost their essential oils. Whole spices are a different story." More

Meet & Eat: Hayley Daen, Serious Eats Intern

It's time to meet another new SE intern, Hayley! Originally from South Carolina but studying in Scotland, Hayley will be with us all summer at the office. She's already helped us alphabetize our cookbook library (phew), organize taste tests, and shared tasty snapshots from her travels. You'll be seeing many more posts from Hayley, but in the meantime, learn more about her, check out her blog, and say hello! More

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