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A Little Pizza With Your Candy?

Happy Halloween! For parents (and let's admit it, any among us with a craving for the sweet stuff), managing the highs—and especially the lows—of this sweetest of holidays can be a battle. One way to try and stave off those post-candy-binge crashes? Chow down on some pizza first...preferably of the ghoulish variety. More

The New Candy Project (Or 12 Candies To Try/Avoid Right Now)

This year, when it came time to think about candy, we asked ourselves, "When's the last time you tried a new candy—just because?" We couldn't remember the last time, and suffice to say we made it our mission to rediscover the joy (and sometimes more disgust than joy) of trying a new candy. Check out all of our experiences here. (Glass of milk suggested.) More

Cakespy: Candy Corn Pecan Pie

The idea is simple: classic pecan pie, plus candy corn. The candy corn melts so beautifully into the corn syrup and brown sugar mixture that it must feel like it's coming home; it adds a nice, vanilla-y sweetness to the pie that will satisfy even the sweetest of teeth. More

Serious Entertaining: A Halloween Cocktail Party

Tomorrow is Halloween and if you're anything like me, your cobwebs are up, your walls are appropriately blood-splattered, your pumpkins (which you've definitely submitted to our pumpkin carving contest) are casting their eerie, cackling shadows of doom. But...what's on the menu? From deviled egg eyeballs to bones of bread, we've got a slew of campy finger food projects to get you through your Halloween festivities in style. More