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Gift Guide: For the Spice Enthusiast

Well-spiced food is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you're shopping for a well-seasoned spice hound or someone just embarking down the road of exotic flavors and ethnic cuisine, this guide has all the gear and ideas you need. Continue reading »

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Gift Guide: For Beer Lovers

The best way to a beer lover's heart might be through a rare, delicious brew, but here are a few other gift ideas for lager lovers and ale aficionados. Be sure to watch shipping dates and order any online gifts soon! Continue reading »

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Gift Guide: For Coffee Lovers

Nobody can survive the holidays on egg nog alone. Here are 10 ways to keep your caffeinated loved ones perky in the New Year. From coffee subscriptions to hand grinders, t-shirts to coffee beer—these gifts will make joe drinkers smile. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For Wine Lovers

You can always buy the wine lover on your list a fantastic bottle of wine (or three). Wrap up a bottle of Lopez de Heredia and you're sure to please. Better yet, do a little detective work and find a magnum bottle from your loved one's favorite producer. But if you want to give your favorite oenophile a gift that will last a little longer, check out this roundup of seven suggestions. Cheers! Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For New Yorkers (Expat and Otherwise)

Whether you live in the city and you're sending a loved one New York's best, or you're bringing an expat New Yorker memories of home, there are all sorts of quintessential NYC eats. Here are our recommendations. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: The Ten Best Cookbooks of 2010

Staring at my towering stacks of cookbooks, I realized that unlike compilers of other top-ten lists, I had the distinct advantage of testing multiple recipes from each and every book we've featured. And for me, when it comes down to judging a cookbook, it's the success (or failure) of the recipes that counts for the most points. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For the Baker

It's true: winter is cold. But these sweet gift ideas will warm your favorite baker's heart—and kitchen! Old-school baking twine, colorful whisks, donut-shaped donut makers, and more. Continue reading »

From A Hamburger Today

Gift Guide: For the Burger Lover

Whether the burger lover in your life is into just eating burgers, making burgers, or wearing burgers, you should be able to find something worth getting in our burger lovers gift guide featuring slider-making tools, meat grinders, T-shirts, kitchen timers, 3D puzzles, and more. If you can't find the right burger-themed gift in this guide, check out our guides from 2007 and 2009. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For Curd Nerds

What should you give your cheese-obsessed friends for the holidays? It's a vexing question. Cheese travels better than most perishables, but still you wouldn't want it sitting under a tree for any length of time. It might get messy and a certain aroma would almost certainly give it away. Instead, consider these seven ideas. Continue reading »

From Slice

Slice Gift Guide for Pizza Lovers

If you're looking for a gift for a pizza lover, you've just hit the jackpot. Here are our top suggestions to please your favorite pizza devotees, from Slice-tested home pizzamaking tools to ingredients to books, as well as pizza experiences your loved one will never forget. Continue reading »

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Gift Guide: For Spirits Imbibers and Cocktail Lovers

There's no guarantee you'll find the perfect gift idea here, but as a spirits writer and cocktail enthusiast, I can say from experience that introducing drinks and bar items into the gift options usually makes people pretty happy. From basic bar tools to artisan syrups to just a damn good bottle of scotch, here are seven gift for the imbibers on your list. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For The Griller

There's no shortage of grilling paraphernalia out there, but this list of eight items (condiment accessories, t-shirts, aprons, and more) represents that balance of practicality and awesomeness in a way that is sure to set any griller's heart aflame. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For Healthy Eaters

Healthy eaters: historically, they're pretty tough to buy gifts for. Popular cookbooks are chancy, Omaha Steaks won't cut it, and chocolate is out of the question (unless it's the good stuff). Never fear. From delicious dips to fun apparel, this guide should make shopping for your nutritionally minded loved one a little easier. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For The Hot Dog Lover

Whether you're shopping for a full-time hot dog history buff or just someone who likes cool stuff and an occasional chili dog, there's plenty of frankfurter-related merchandise to choose from. Here are 10 interesting gifts to give this year. Continue reading »

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Gift Guide: For Chocolate Lovers

Sure, there are chocolate-of-the-month clubs and ready-made gift baskets, but why not get something a little different for the chocolate fiend in your life? From secret ingredients to exotic vacations, here's a selection of seven unique, chocolatey holiday gift ideas. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For the Spicy Food Lover

This selection of gifts is geared to make any heat-obsessed fan happy throughout the year. It ranges from teeny Tabasco bottles and Sriracha peas (move over, wasabi peas) for stocking stuffers to hanging pepper plants. Check out this roundup of seven gift ideas, none of them over $35, for spicy food fiends. Continue reading »

Gift Guide: Food-Related Graphic T-Shirts

I have trouble wearing plain T-shirts. They're just so...empty. But slap on a happy doughnut or sad taco and I'm good to go. If you or someone you loves feel the same way, get them a food-related graphic T-shirt for the holidays. Here are eight of my suggestions—admittedly, suggestions that skew towards the realm of the cute, colorful, and silly. Feel free to share your suggestions below! Continue reading »

Gift Guide: Kitchen Equipment

We're kicking off our holiday gift guide series with 8 pieces of equipment that can help your loved ones (or yourself, if you're the self-gifting type) become better cooks. Whether it's something as fancy as a $96 thermometer (essential!) or an under $15 stocking-stuffer timer (also essential!), there's something here for everyone's budget. And I can almost guarantee that at least one item on this list isn't already in their kitchen collection. Continue reading »

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Gift Guide: What the Serious Eaters Love

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. After putting together 17 holiday gift guides this year (for everyone from the peanut butter lover to the coffee drinker to the food t-shirt wearer), we decided to ask the Serious Eats crew to share their favorite kitchen gadgets, pans, books, and other food items they already have, love, and believe others would be pleased to receive too. Our picks, after the jump....
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Gift Guide: For the Peanut Butter Nut

Don't know a peanut-person? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. Do you have a real "nut" in your life that you find it hard to shop for? Look no further than these creative gifts for the peanut and peanut butter lover in your life. Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle: Crispy and crunchy, sweet and salty, in a fun package that is sure to elicit smiles all around. Available online at, $15.95 PB&J Sandwich Cookies: Okay, so you can't buy these anywhere (you have to make them yourself), but if you're looking for an edible gift for someone, these are the cookies to bake for them. Recipe and full instructions available online at, free! Peanut Butter & Jelly...
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Gift Guide: For the Baking Mix Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a baking-mix maven? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. Though from-scratch kitchen projects can be very rewarding (and delicious), sometimes the shortcuts are just too good. These throw-it-together mixes—ranging from cider donuts to funnel cake, brownies, and flan—make great gifts. Stonewall Kitchen Eggnog Pancake and Waffle Mix: A breakfast flavored with all the ingredients traditionally found in the holiday drink—except the booze. Remedy that by serving them drizzled with maple syrup warmed in a saucepan with a tablespoon or two of bourbon or rum. Available online at, $5.99 Dean Jacobs Funnel Cake Kit Perfect for kids (or carnies). With two cake mixes, powdered sugar topping, a funnel cake pitcher, frying ring, tongs,...
Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For the Graphic T-Shirt Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. My wardrobe is about 75% T-shirts. If your fashion aesthetic is similar to mine, here are some food-related shirts you may enjoy. (Note: Not all shirts may ship in time for Christmas. Check with individual websites.) Coffee: If you can relate to this Toothpaste for Dinner comic, this shirt's for you. And then maybe you should do a caffeine detox or something. Available online at Sharing Machine, $16 Wanna Eat: I love designer Genevieve Gauckler and all her rotund, fuzzy creatures. Available online at 2K, $35 Gelati Dreams: I wish my dreams about gelato looked this cool. I'm going to tell myself that...
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Gift Guide: For the Healthy Eater

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. If you know someone trying to make a few lifestyle changes, these ten healthy eating gifts could land you on the Nice list. Hot Sauce of the Month Club: Imagine it: the king of low-cal condiments, delivered to a loved one's doorstep every month. Their eggs, burritos, and chilis could never thank you enough. Available online at, $203.40 for 12 months, $75.80 for four times a year So Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week: Food Network's Ellie Krieger has the right idea about eating right, without ever resorting to deprivation or frankenfoods. Her newest tome concentrates on quickly...
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Gift Guide: For the Asian Food Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. Zojirushi 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker: Not only does this model have a larger 5-cup capacity, but it also comes with more features than the 3-cup model. White rice can be set to be "regular," "softer," or "harder." Sweet (glutinous) rice and semibrown rice are additional options. This model also happens to be the only Zojirushi rice cooker that's equipped with the "reheating cycle." Available online at, $194.95 Bamboo Steamer: Those who have only steamed with stainless steel racks or inserts will appreciate the difference a bamboo steamer makes. Wicking off excess moisture, the wood naturally absorbs the droplets of water that...
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Gift Guide: For Beer and Wine Lovers

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a boozer? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. If your loved ones are into beer and wine, you can always pick them up a bottle (or six) of something special. But traveling with liquids these days is tricky, so we thought we'd come up with a few other gifts for lovers of fine beverages. For the Wine Devotee Vinturi Wine Aerator: This gadget helps open up young wines, mellowing out the flavor by exposing the wine to air. It's perfect whether you're opening a 2000 Bordeaux or a $5 Malbec from the bargain bin. Available online at, $39.95 Built Bags: Carry your bottles in style with these insulated bags. They're perfect for...
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Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Don't know a cocktail fan? See our other gift guides. —Ed. Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like some holiday spirits. If someone on your list appreciates a decent drink now and then, here are a few gift ideas...
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Gift Guide: For the Food Plush Toy Lover

Don't know a food plush-person? See our other gift guides. —Ed. It's easy to get me a gift: as long as it's soft and cute, I will probably love it. If you know other people with the same childlike mindset (hey, it's that mindset that allows me to amp this site up with cuteness), one of these food-related plush toys should make them happy this holiday. Note: Not all plush toys are safe for children. Check each item for age recommendations. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Ice Cream Cone Ornament: The New York City-based Big Gay Ice Cream Truck teamed up with crocheted toy-maker Alicia Kachmar to make this happy rainbow-colored ice cream cone ornament. Also check out Alicia's...
Continue reading »

Gift Guide: For Gluten-Free Cooks and Eaters

If you know some gluten-free folks who love food and are wondering what to get for them? You might like some of these ideas.
Continue reading »

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