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Roasted Tomatoes and Lentils With Dukka-Crumbed Eggs From 'A Change of Appetite'

Cook the Book Maggie Mariolis 1 comment

There's a reason oozing, soft-cooked eggs are arguably overused in food styling. That glistening ovum gold is like icing dripping down a cake, and anything underneath it is transformed into something richer, tastier, and more appealing. I would have been sold on this recipe from Diana Henry's new A Change of Appetite without that lusty addition, given my fondness for lentils in vinaigrette, but that broken yolk sealed the deal. More

Ideas in Food vs. The Steak Bomb: Reinventing the Bread

Ideas in Food 3 comments

These soft rolls are great for sandwiches, like the Steak Bomb we're re-working this week. They have a moist, tender crumb and thin, crisp exterior. Bonus: A slice of crispy salami set into the bottom of each one. More

Seriously Seeking Fall Editorial Interns

Niki Achitoff-Gray 8 comments

Do you like love food? Have strong writing skills? Live in New York City or within commuting distance? Want to work in an unpredictable but always-exciting office where you'll be part of the action from day one? Feel good about eating sandwiches and ice cream all day long? If so, a Serious Eats internship might be for you! More

The Best Ice Cream, Gelato, and Soft Serve in Austin

Meredith Bethune 4 comments

Austin's frozen dessert scene is undergoing a renaissance. In fact, about half of the city's best ice cream options are at establishments less than five years old. More

Burger Toppings Week: Japanese Miso-Eggplant Burger With Fresh Pickles

Daniel Gritzer 5 comments

Topped with tender, miso-glazed roasted eggplant and fresh Asian cucumber pickles, these burgers strike a sweet-savory balance that's hard to resist. More

The Best Sweets We Ate in July

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

Pecorino. Gelato. Together. Pecorino gelato. Would you try it? It turns out that the stuff—served at Carapina in Florence, Italy—is amazing. But that wasn't the only mind-blowing dessert we tried in July: we also ate some fantastic durian shaved ice, chocolate babka, and a masterful coffee-coconut popsicle. We celebrated peach season with pies, Melba, and more. More

Exploring Washington DC's Best Ethiopian Restaurants

Brian Oh 16 comments

Washington, DC is commonly considered the second largest Ethiopian city in the world, second only to Addis Ababa. Those immigrants have built America's foremost destination for Ethiopian cooking. Here's where you should go. More

Everything You Need to Know About Baking With Chocolate

Marissa Sertich Velie 6 comments

For bakers, chocolate is one hell of a complicated ingredient—over 600 volatile compounds contribute to its aroma and flavor. So if you want to bake with chocolate, it helps to know some fundamentals. More

2 Non-Tomato Gazpachos to Beat the Heat

Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Tomato gazpacho (A.K.A. liquid salad) is famous the world over, but it's not the only kind. Here, we explore two non-tomato versions, one a traditional white gazpacho with almonds, bread, and garlic, the other a decidedly inauthentic version made with cantaloupe and garnished with oven-crisped prosciutto. More

The Best Things We Ate in July

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

When Serious Eaters travel, we tend to see the journey as a challenge of the appetite, sometimes packing in extra meals just to make sure we squeeze every delicious bite out of a trip to Thailand or Montreal or Italy. Sure, there are tourist attractions to visit, but we're really in it for the khao soi, the foie gras sandwiches, and the awesome stewed tripe. More

Japanese Ginger and Garlic Chicken With Smashed Cucumber From 'A Change of Appetite'

Cook the Book Maggie Mariolis 4 comments

This recipe, from Diana Henry's new cookbook, A Change of Appetite, is not for the faint of heart. A garlicky, slightly sweet marinade with a whopping two-thirds of a cup of spicy grated ginger does not leave the chicken thighs wanting for any flavor, I'll tell you that much. More

The Elements of Barbecue: Digging Into Sides

Robert Moss 6 comments

No survey of regional barbecue styles would be complete without a word about the other dishes traditionally served alongside slow-smoked and pit-cooked meats. And as with everything else, regional variations abound. More

Eating Soup Dumplings in Shanghai? Xiao Long Bao Are Only Half the Story

J. Kenji López-Alt 22 comments

Ever since having my first taste of a Xiao Long Bao—variously referred to as "soup dumplings" or "juicy steamed buns" on American Chinese menus—I've yearned to taste them at the source in Shanghai. But it turns out that XLB are only half of the soup dumping story. More

Jam Making 101: The Tools and Techniques for Success

Jennifer Latham 4 comments

In part two of our jam-making series, we look at the tools and techniques you need to know to make the most beautiful, intense, fresh-tasting jams. More

Burger Toppings Week: The Smashed Reuben Burger

Daniel Gritzer 2 comments

Sure, the Reuben sandwich is a classic that can't be improved. That doesn't mean magic won't happen when it's reimagined as a hamburger. Here, we take a page from the Gospel of Slider and the Gospel of Smashed, to create a gooey, dripping, crusty, delicious Reuben burger. More

Taste Test: 1 Day, 23 Pop-Tart Flavors

Taste Tests Max Falkowitz 60 comments

You don't wake up every day and say, "I'm gonna eat every Pop Tart on earth." More

Indian Spices 101: The Benefits of Frying Spices

Denise D'silva Sankhe 4 comments

Frying spices in oil brings out entirely different flavors than dry-roasting them. In this second part in our series on working with Indian spices, we look at how and why cooking spices in oil can have a major impact on the final dish. More

Stoned Tart From 'Sweet and Vicious'

Emma Kobolakis 1 comment

What seems like a simple tart is so much more, thanks to the cleverness of this recipe from Libbie Summers' new cookbook, Sweet and Vicious: Baking with Attitude. It bakes up beautifully, a layer of pistachio cream mingling with juice from the mixed selection of fresh fruit. A fat scoop of vanilla ice cream is all that's needed for a finishing touch. More

From the Archives: Steakhouse Kebabs

Daniel Gritzer 1 comment

Beef sirloin tip marinated in a bold mix of Worcestershire sauce with mustard and garlic brings the flavor of a steakhouse to your grill. On a stick. What more could you want? More

Nectarine, Tomato, and Basil Salad With Torn Mozzarella From 'A Change of Appetite'

Cook the Book Maggie Mariolis 2 comments

In this recipe from her new cookbook, A Change of Appetite, Diana Henry elevates the classic caprese combo of mozzarella, tomato, and basil with the addition of nectarine. The ripe fruit adds a juicy sweetness that I never realized was missing. Dressed with just olive oil and white balsamic, every element shows at its best. So simple, so smart. More

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