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This one goes out to the ice cream obsessives. [Image: Vicky Wasik]

At Serious Eats, we take ice cream in all its forms, well, seriously. And I mean seriously in an obsessive way: we're completely head-over-heels-in-love with the stuff. We're the kind of people who think nothing of sitting down with a pint of ice cream and a spoon and polishing it off ourselves before the episode of Mad Men is over. And we've been determined to figure out how to make truly excellent ice cream, sorbet, and more at home.

That's why this summer's ice cream issue of the Serious Eats magazine is packed with more creamy deliciousness than a pint of our favorite mint chocolate chip. We'll share the secrets (and science) of making great sorbet and frozen custard at home, reconsider common ice cream making advice, and reveal our hack for making legit ice cream without an ice cream machine—a perfect method if you find that your summer getaway is lacking the proper kitchen gear.

Grab a spoon and join us!

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