Who knew chicken breast could taste this good? [Photograph: Joshua Bousel]

It's easy to rag on chicken breast, but the truth is, in the right preparations, I don't hate it at all. I'd rather eat wings, thigh, drumsticks, necks, backs, the heart, liver, or gizzard, but I don't have a beef with chicken breast. Still, there are certain cooking methods where chicken breast just shouldn't belong. One of them is skewered on kebabs and grilled over high heat. The reason is because the pieces are too small and the heat too intense: It's a recipe for a desiccated disaster.

Which is why I'm so impressed with this recipe from our grilling master Josh Bousel. With the judicious use of a soy-sauce brine and a protective coating of none other than juicy, fatty bacon, he's managed to make chicken breast 100% grilled-kebab-friendly. That's quite a feat. A teriyaki glaze and big, sweet, dripping hunks of grilled pineapple threaded onto the skewers certainly don't hurt anything either.

So, if you're a proud lover of chicken breast and don't care how many people try to convince you to switch over to other cuts, here's one recipe you can turn to and eat with pride. And the rest of us thigh-lovers may just join you.


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