[Photograph: Helen Cathcart]

There's something so sweet and homey about a simple loaf. Hardy and adaptable, it can be wrapped in plastic and kept for days, or dressed up like it is here, with a spoonful of confit and some cream. This version, from Paris Pastry Club employs Earl Grey tea along with several sorts of citrus to create the finished product. It's lovely with coffee or, of course, tea.

Tips: There's a step in the recipe that calls for softened butter to be piped across the unbaked loaf. That technique is what forms a crack on the top of the loaf. If that's not the look you're after, skip it, but remember that cracks only serve to hold more cream.

Tweaks: Yes, neither clementines nor bergamot oranges are in season, nor are they readily available. But substituting two standard mild, sweet oranges makes a fine confit. Or skip the process altogether for some tangerine or kumquat marmalade, which is easier to take along on weekend adventures, anyway.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Paris Pastry Club to give away.

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