[Photograph: Eric Wolfinger]

Debi Mazar calls this this sandwich from her new cookbook, Extra Virgin: Recipes and Love from our Tuscan Kitchen, co-written with husband Gabriele Corcos, "sexy." And there is something a little sultry about how the salty, fat-licked prosciutto, the funky cheese, the bracing radicchio, and the sweet fig jam come together. They melt and meld between the crusty halves of bread, losing their individual intensity and softening into a very pleasurable whole. It's the kind of thing to make for someone you want to..spend more time with...after a late night out.

Why I picked this recipe: You just know going in that something good is going to come of all that salt and fat and sweetness.

What worked: The combo of ingredients is undeniably tasty.

What didn't: I don't think that the order in which they built the sandwich makes for the best eating, and it's different to what appears in the photo.

Suggested tweaks: I would build the sandwich as follows: bottom half of bread, prosciutto, radicchio, Taleggio, fig spread; top half of bread.

As usual, we have 5 copies of Extra Virgin: Recipes and Love from our Tuscan Kitchen to give away this week.


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