Lemon-marinated cubed leg of lamb is crusted with mustard and mixed herbs after first being well seared. [Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

We're forging onward with our series on grilled kebabs. And hey, once you've got the basics covered, the possibilities are endless.

Today's recipe features a combo I've played around with in the past, namely a mustard and herb crust that'll blow your lamb out of the water. And given that it works so well for legs and racks of lamb, I figured it was high time to try it on kebab meat.

I start off by marinating cubed leg of lamb in a lemon, oil, and garlic mixture to give it some bright flavor. Then I skewer the lamb and give it a sear over direct heat until it develops a nice, well-browned exterior. Finally, I move the kebabs over to the cool side of the grill, where I brush them with mustard, sprinkle on a mixture of fresh herbs, and let them slowly cook until the lamb hits a ruby medium-rare.

The resulting kebab has a sharp herbal crust that's robust enough to stand its ground against the rich lamb without overpowering the meat's distinctive flavor.


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