From the Archives: The Best Beef for Grilling

Short rib is one of the greatest cuts of beef for grilling. [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

It's true you know, old habits die hard. Soldiers keep on warring, preachers keep on preaching, and I just can't quit this delightful floral apron. Same goes for the beef we select for grilling. Even though Kenji's made the case before, and even though Korean food has really taken off, I'd wager that most folks in the United States still don't think of short ribs when they're shopping for their grilling beef.

It's funny too, because by now a lot of us know, from our adventures at Korean grilling restaurants, just how insanely good grilled beef short rib is. And yet, at least based on all the cookouts I've been to in the past several years, short rib is almost never on the menu.


So here's one more push, in the height of grilling season, to get your hands on some short ribs and set those babies sizzlin'. If you do, we promise you won't so much as consider falling back on whatever sad, under-marbled hunk of beef you'd been committed to before.

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