Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 12 Fresh Plum Desserts for Summer

Like parking spots, cute-yet-comfortable shoes, and your keys when you're late for work, a good plum is hard to find. Nine times out of ten, I bite into a gorgeous-looking plum and the flesh is mealy, sour, and too firm. Mostly this is my own fault, for falling prey to the out-of-season-grocery-store-plum trap; they're so hard to resist when they look so good!

During this brief time of year when the odds are stacked in favor of good plums over bad, there's no better way to enjoy a perfectly ripe, juicy plum than out of hand. Then, once you get tired of that, the next step is to buy all the good plums you can find and make all these desserts. From crisps, crumbles, and pies to ice cream and desserts you may never have heard of (pluma moos, anyone?), we've got you covered on the plum front all summer long.

12 Plum Dessert Recipes For Plum Season


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