The Best Juicy Grilled Pork Chops

There are a few key considerations and steps for the best grilled pork chops. [Photograph: Joshua Bousel]

Grilling pork chops seems simple enough. It's a cut of meat that's available just about everywhere, and it's tasty even with just a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Still, there are grilled pork chops, and then there are unbelievably juicy, charred-on-the-outside, rosy-on-the-inside grilled pork chops.

What's the difference? It starts with selecting the right kind of chop. Specifically, center-cut rib chops, which have a nice, thick portion of loin on them (and less tenderloin, which is leaner and dries out faster than the loin). You also want to get a chop that's thick enough to get it nice and browned on the outside, but still flavorful within: 1 1/2 inches is pretty much perfect.

Because of the dry heat of the grill, chops also benefit from a bit of brining in a simple salt-and-sugar solution. The last step is to set up a two-zone fire, so that the chops can be seared first over the blazing hot coals, then finished in more gently, indirect heat away from the coals.

Actually, it's pretty long as you keep this recipe's key details in mind.


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