Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 17 Cooling Cucumber Recipes for Summer

Crisp, verdant, and refreshing, cucumbers are a go-to gourd for combatting the summer heat. Several varieties of the crunchy fruit (yes, it's technically a fruit; then are most "vegetables") are cropping up at farmer's markets and grocery stores this season, and we have creative recipes for every palate.

Versatile cucumber brings its distinctly fresh, grassy-sweet flavor to everything from sides and salads to sauces and even smoothies. And, of course, the cuke's pickling potential only broadens those horizons. So whether you're slicing an English cucumber or just biting into a burpless, now's the time to enjoy the crunch. Check out our recipes in the slideshow above, or just click through the list below!

Salads and Mains

Make-Ahead Marinated Cucumber Salad with Radishes, Dill, and Shrimp

Marinated Cucumber Salad With Radishes, Shrimp, and Dill [Photograph: Suzanne Lehrer]

Sides, Snacks, and Sauces

Cucumber-Mint Raita

Cucumber-Mint Raita [Photograph: Joshua Bousel]


Cucumber-Basil Lemonade with Lemongrass

[Cucumber-Basil Lemonade with Lemongrass, Photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt]


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