[Photograph: Jennifer McGruther]

Jennifer McGruther found this spinach recipe featured in her new cookbook, The Nourished Kitchen, tucked away in an old journal from a friend. The recipe dated back to 1846, making it the epitome of traditional cooking. It's not too much more than spinach, butter, and eggs, but the technique makes all the difference. The spinach is first steamed to soften and then pressed dry of all its water. Only then does it take a spin in melted butter and a toss with a couple of minced hardboiled eggs. The now-dry spinach soaks up the creamy butter, turning silky and rich.

Why I picked this recipe: Spring is a perfect time to eat spinach by the pound, as it is still tender and soft.

What worked: Draining the cooked spinach prevents the watery sludge all too common with quickly sautéed greens.

What didn't: I didn't think the spinach needed the full 15 to 20 minutes on the stove. Remove it from the heat once it is a tender as you'd like.

Suggested tweaks: You could use this technique for any manner of greens, or else a mix. Chard would be great with the spinach, or you could try a heartier blend of kale and collards.

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