Hot Hawaiian Burgers (Spam, Pineapple, Swiss, and Sriracha Mayo)

[Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

It's time to board a small charter flight to Polynesia, the land of Spam and pineapples, for today's recipe from the archives! Why Spam and pineapple? Mostly because it's a delicious combo that hits the rich, fresh, sweet flavors and the crisp/moist textures. Who wouldn't want that on a burger? Add a couple of slices of Swiss cheese along with a nice spoonful of sriracha-dosed mayonnaise and the burger explodes with spice and goo—which is why a toasted English muffin and all its juice-catching nooks is such a great choice here (though regular burger buns would be mighty tasty too).

Read more on the burger, or go straight to the recipe.


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