A few cocktails to go with your Mother's Day brunch. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

If you're hosting a Mother's Day brunch, you should probably serve some coffee (maybe iced, since the weather's getting warm) and some fresh-squeezed juice. But if you're going the extra mile, a cocktail will elevate your celebration and make sure everyone has an excellent time. These are a few of our favorite brunch drinks, all tasty and refreshing, offering a range of flavors for your guests.

The Blur


[Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

This drink is served at one of our favorite brunch spots: NOPA in San Francisco. The cocktail, served in a Champagne flute, is fizzy and tart and light—definitely a crowd-pleaser. Intriguing herbal flavors from Chartreuse and Maraschino liqueurs enhance whatever sparkling wine you choose, but the key is the fresh lime juice that brings things into balance.

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[Photograph: Nick Caruana]

Bittersweet, appetite-whetting Campari comes together with Cocchi Rosa (or sweet vermouth), fizzy club soda, and Prosecco, plus a little absinthe in this delicious drink. The result is bubbly and refreshing with great citrus and herb aspects and a lightly bittered flavor. If Mom is a fan of Negronis or Americanos, serve this one.

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Lemon Belllini


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

This citrusy bellini variation is super-easy to make and refreshing to drink, lightly tart and just a little more sophisticated than the standard peach version. Feel free to garnish with an additional scoop of lemon sorbet or a few berries.

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Pamplemousse at Beretta ($9)

[Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

If some of your guests aren't quite convinced that it's cocktail hour yet, this practically healthy citrus-based drink will help. It's basically just freshly squeezed white grapefruit juice with lemon (and a touch of botanical gin and elderflower liqueur, cough.) Just don't let them drink it too fast—this stuff is super tasty and goes down easy.

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Kiwi Cooler


[Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

If your mom is a whiz in the kitchen, she's probably handy with herbs. This refreshing and fruity drink calls in tarragon, which offers an anisey flavor that works really nicely with with botanical side of gin and the sweet flavor of a muddled kiwi.

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Grapefruit and Ginger Sparkler


[Photograph: Kelly Carambula]

Citrus just seems right at brunch, and we have a weakness for ginger-flavored cocktails, so this fizzy drink is an easy favorite. There's no need to use fancy Champagne here; your favorite Cava or Prosecco will do just fine.

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Tart Cherry Cocktail


[Photograph: Julianne Puckett]

Simple is the name of the game if you're hosting brunch for a crowd. Here, puckeringly tart cherry juice, found at most organic markets, pairs perfectly with tangy lime and vodka. To temper all that tartness, this drink calls for a splash of sweet Cointreau (or whatever triple sec you have on hand) which offers a nice complementary orange flavor.

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Bellini with Basil


[Photograph: Heather Meldrom]

This pale pink beauty is sweet, a little tart, and has a hint of basil at the end. If you happen to have a bottle of sparkling rosé, it would be perfect in this fizzy cocktail, which is flavored with fresh strawberries and diced rhubarb. This drink is a great way to celebrate the season.

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