Leftovers: Planetary Cakes, Inside Chef's Fridges, and More


Not actually a chef's fridge [Photograph: Jamie Feldmar]

An illustrated guide to baking concentric spherical layer cakes that model planets in our solar system. Check out the details on Jupiter! —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

Loved Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Well, prepare yourself for the tale of the most celebrated burger maker in all of Chicago and check out the short film, Edzo Dreams of Cheeseburgers, by the acclaimed filmmaker, Mike Gebert, and his production company, Sky Full of Bacon. —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

This story is what Kim Severson does best: write even-handed, nuanced stories about complicated issues. This one has to do with contemporary Southern chefs dealing with new gun laws in their states that allow patrons to bring guns into their restaurants. —Ed Levine, Founder/Overlord

Nice profile on Boston chefs Barbaba Lynch and Kristen Kish, and what it's like being a female chef in the still male-dominated restaurant industry. Lynch's story is so interesting, it made me want to read a much more in-depth version. —Daniel Gritzer, Culinary Director

This is a fun little read about the arbitrariness of the best by date on food, including some interesting speculation on Al Capone's involvement in food policy—apparently it wasn't just guns and bootleg he was interested in! Personally I go by the water test for eggs or the sniff test for the rest—I'm still making my way through some local farmers eggs that are "a week past due." —Leang Chiang, Sales Operations Manager

An oldie-but-goodie: a profile of Claudia Roden, one of my favorite cookbook author. —Tracie Lee, Designer

I've had some crazy-incredible meals at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions in the past six months, so I enjoyed this Bon Appetit piece about the sour salts chef Stuart Brioza is making by dehydrating pickled and fermented ingredients.—Maggie Hoffman, Senior Editor

Looking into other people's fridges is strangely fascinating. The NYTimes is the latest to give us a glimpse, with a peek into 11 NYC chef's fridges. —Carrie Vasios Mullins, Sweets Editor

Big-box stores make billions off food stamps. Often it's their own workers using them." Read more about food stamps in the US—how they work, who uses them, who benefits from them—in part one of the Marketplace series "The Secret Life of a Food Stamp." —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Art Director

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