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I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that there are many, many recipes for green vegetables in Bryant Terry's new cookbook, Afro-Vegan. It would be impossible to maintain a vegan diet without them. But Terry isn't simply sautéing and braising his way through piles of greens. He also has clever ways of using extra veggies to bulk up and enliven ordinary sides and salads. Take his all-green spring slaw, for example. Terry takes a basic cabbage coleslaw and amps it up with a panoply of spring favorites: green peas, snap peas, parsley, and chives all add texture and sweetness to the salad, making it more than just a ho-hum side. In fact, I've been eating leftovers as a light lunch, all on their own, without thinking twice.

Why I picked this recipe: A bright green slaw is a fine way to welcome spring weather.

What worked: I was surprised to find that I loved this tofu-based salad dressing. It's silky smooth and plenty bright, thanks to the lemon juice, vinegar, and Dijon. Unlike mayo-based coleslaw, the final salad is light and fresh while still maintaining a desirable, creamy texture.

What didn't: Unless you have exceptionally fresh peas, you will want to blanch them quickly in salted water to help remove starchiness. Make sure you cool and dry the peas completely before adding them to the slaw.

Suggested tweaks: To remove the strings from celery, use a vegetable peeler to remove just the top layer of the stalks. You could use other green vegetables here if you like. Finely chopped broccoli would be a nice addition (peel the stalks if you use them), as would kale.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Afro-Vegan to give away this week.

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