There's so much going on in Talk that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

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Favorite cut of beef for...

Look Who's Talkin'

"Chuck for pot roast. Beef cheek is one of my absolute favorite braising cuts though. And tongue! Brisket and short ribs, too." Annanonnie

"Everyone's claimed the meaty bits and the tongue, so I'll take the tendon. No, really!" Will Wander

Per Se gets C Grade in Health Inspection

"If I eat anywhere but home, I accept that I am building my immune system. That helps." healthytouch101

How much do you tip for online food delivery?

"I tip 20%, same as I would anyone else whose wages are on a tip-based system and are therefore earning less than minimum wage." NYCAnn

Cast Iron question.

"Be patient. It takes time to obtain a proper seasoning on a cast iron pan. Treat it kindly (in all the ways mentioned by folks above) and eventually you too will have a skillet with an amazing black and slickery finish." Hydra

What are you giving up [for Lent]?

"I'm giving up on ever seeing warm weather again." KB in Toledo

"I'm giving up fresh tomatoes. Oh, that probably doesn't count, because I give them up every year, until I start harvesting again. :)" pepperhead21

Editor's Note: Hey pepperhead, feel free to send any extra tomatoes our way!

What should I put in an adult piñata?

"The most successful piñata party we ever had was one for which each guest brought something small to go into the piñata, and I provided the wrapped candies. The variety of nonedibles was amazing." korenni

"Would you say you have a plethora of pinatas?" Burger365

Note From Kenji: Thanks for the suggestions guys, I wish I could invite you all to the party!

In search of: Popcorn Popper

"Make wokcorn! Add 1/2C kernels plus enough coconut oil to go up around 1/2 way up the kernels. Cover and heat on high till the oil starts to sizzle, then cool and repeat one more time. Heat on high again until the kernels start to pop then turn the heat to low, shaking the wok continuously until all of the kernels are popped. I usually tilt the lid a bit and stir with a long spatula once most of the kernels have popped. A few kernels pop out but the weight of the popped popcorn keeps the rest in the wok. There are only a few unpopped kernels at the bottom when I use this method. The wok's small foot print has less surface area where popped kernels can sit and burn plus the lighter popped kernels are pushed up the sloped sides to the top while the heavier kernels are left on the bottom. " Les Ah

Editor's Note: Thanks for the awesome tips. This is now officially on the MUST TRY SOON list.

Zero-Calorie Food Tricks

"Hype is the single most important additive to any food. Example:

A glass of tap water


A worked crystal chalice, filled from a sterling silver carafe, with organic extra-virgin water from the springs that form the headwaters of the Ganges which is at once muted and excitingly vibrant with subtle nuances that leap to the fore if sipped with discernment; see if you can pick them up.

It's the same dang water with nothing added but hype." Littauer

Editor's Note: You think that's impressive? Try boiling that water using Adam's in-depth, well-researched recipe if you want a REAL treat!


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