Worth $10? [Photograph: Ben Jay]

NPR's Planet Money breaks down incredible price difference in pizza in different Chicago neighborhoods. Obviously, The Loop and River North are up top, but who knew Portage Park was paying so much? —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

Not sure how I feel about booze brands giving out free tattoos as described in this story. Would you declare your love for your favorite rum or amaro in permanent ink? —Maggie Hoffman, Drinks and Senior Editor

The Washington City Paper dug up a document for DC restaurants with notes on the city's critics, their likes and dislikes, and what they cover. It's not surprising that papers like these exist, but seeing one in its entirety is pretty fascinating. —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

A $10 latte? I just can't. —Carrie Vasios Mullins, Sweets Editor

Ron Swanson and I have very little in common, and that's probably for the best. But I'm glad we at least share the same feelings
about frozen yogurt
. —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Art Director

I was excited to see a familiar face on The Salt today, in an article featuring one of my former culinary school instructors, James Briscione. He's one of several Institute of Culinary Education chefs working on IBM's new food truck, serving up menu items based on ingredient and cuisine combinations churned out by super computer-cum-master chef Watson. Yup, computer food. Awesome, delicious, kinda weird computer food. #TECHNOLOGY —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

This profile of a brokenhearted urban cheesemaker made me both want to eat and cry at the same time. —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

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