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Of all the popular breakfast foods out there, Eggs Benedict is easily one of my favorites. Apparently, I love cholesterol. But there's just something about chewy and toasty English muffins, salty Canadian bacon (or a thick slice of ham), a velvety poached egg, and rich, buttery hollandaise sauce that makes me happy and gives my doctor a reason to yell at me.

When Dunkin' Donuts unleashed the Eggs Benedict sandwich ($3.59) on the world earlier this month, I naturally knew that I'd have to find a way to shove it in my facehole. Quickly. Lucky for me, I live right around the corner from a Dunkin' Donuts, where I'm known to enjoy a Boston Kreme doughnut from time to time.


This is an interesting creation—I can see that the challenge lies in making a version of Hollandaise sauce that isn't runny or drippy, so it doesn't make a mess everywhere. The Dunkin' Donuts take is very thick, even thicker than your typical mayonnaise. And it tastes a bit like mayonnaise, too, with an added note of lemon. The ham provides a nice, meaty saltiness to support that magical egg, its soft yolk set delicately in the middle. Strangely enough, mine came with cheese, which—based on the menu description and everything I know about Eggs Benedict—was a small mistake on the employee's part. Unfortunately, it left the sandwich a little too rich for my liking. But even putting aside the cheese for a moment, the sandwich doesn't really taste like Eggs Benedict.

Personally? I'd go with one of Dunkin' Donuts myriad other breakfast sandwiches and leave Eggs Benedict to the sit-down restaurants.

About the author: After a failed attempt at starting a chain of theme restaurants called "Smellen Keller," Dennis Lee traveled the world to discover his true passion. Sadly, midwifery didn't pan out. Now he works in a cubicle, and screws around as much as possible. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter.


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