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Editor's Note: Welcome to the third year of The Vegan Experience! All month we're exploring the vegan lifestyle, from dining out to eating in, developing a slew of delicious recipes for vegan appetizers, snacks, and entrees along the way. For more posts in the series, check here!

You saw this recipe coming, didn't you? I mean, I showed a picture of it in my post about Vegan Mushroom "Bacon". Given that I already have a recipe for Vegan Mayonnaise and that my mom recently gave me a few of those surprisingly-not-terrible Campari winter tomatoes, it was in the stars.


The B.L.T. has always been one of my favorite sandwiches; it's a natural extension of my absolute favorite sandwich, the T.M.T. (that'd be Tomato-Mayo-Toast), and if there's one thing that'll make my favorite things even favorite-er, it's to add some avocado to it.

Also, no joke: the freshly smoked crispy mushrooms are honestly better than any store-bought bacon I've had. Seriously.


The sandwich is crisp and fresh, smoky and sweet, creamy and juicy, and other adjectives as well. Basically, everything you'd ever want in a great sandwich, and it makes a fine dinner, vegan or no.

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