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Some of us have started the New Year with a resolution to eat more vegetables, but somewhere in the world, one kale-averse man is still recovering from his latest encounter with the leafy green. If he didn't manage to swallow the whole bite, he did at least capture the whole valiant (and cringe-inducing) effort on film in People Eating Foods They Hate In Super Slow Mo, along with several other heroes who faced everything from anchovies to a ladleful of mayonnaise all for your viewing pleasure. Their expressions of disgust, set to an epic soundtrack, are brutally sincere as they soldier through gags and gaze back at you through teary eyes. Whether you feel schadenfreude or empathy, you'll probably never look at mayo the same way again.

About the author: Rémy Robert is an editorial intern at Serious Eats and recent graduate of Brown University. She's a diehard New Orleanian and makes a point to start each day with a bite of chocolate.


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