Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 7 Great Asian Noodle Soups in Boston

[Photographs: Liz Bomze]

I never need an excuse to eat Asian noodle soups, but it being the dead of winter and the start of Chinese New Year, the timing seemed particularly good for rounding up a few of my favorites.

Granted, there are countless bowls across numerous culinary traditions to choose from, so forgive me for limiting this to only a select few—generally speaking, one representative soup from seven different cuisines. And please sound off with your favorites that I haven't mentioned. I'm always noodling around for new options.

About the author: Liz Bomze lives in Brookline, MA, and works as the Senior Features Editor for Cook's Illustrated Magazine. In her free time, she freelances regularly for the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Improper Bostonian, and Martha's Vineyard Magazine; practices bread-baking and canning; takes photos; reads; and watches baseball. Top 5 foods: fresh noodles, gravlax, sour cherry pie, burrata, ma po tofu.


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