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A Sandwich a Day: Lamb Gyro at Hungry Pocket Falafel House


It's easy to drive by Hungry Pocket Falafel House hundreds of times before you realize that this tiny run-down shack on Pico Boulevard is home to delicious Middle Eastern fare. The dilapidated exterior may even make you question whether or not it's safe to go inside, but have no fear: you'll be welcomed instantly and the food is well worth it.


While Hungry Pocket is known for it's falafel, which is indeed excellent, I would dare to say the Lamb Gyro ($5.96) is the real winner here. This pita sandwich may sound simple on paper, but it's far from it. Warm wheat pita is stuffed with strips of lamb, tahini, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. The melt-in-your-mouth lamb boasts flavors of tart lemon, fresh garlic, and fragrant cumin. And, unlike so many failed imitations, the tender, rich meat is a far cry from chewy, so there's no struggling to gnaw your way through your meal. A local bakery delivers the doughy pita, which you'll be lucky to finish before the perfectly tangy tahini soaks through.

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