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18 Photos (Plus 1 Video) of Your Thanksgiving Feasts!

We asked for shots of your Thanksgiving feasts, and boy, did you guys answer! From your first attempts at spatchcocked turkeys to pro-level sous-vide turchettas (not to mention a few non-turkey entrees), with sweet potato casseroles and raspberry-chocolate cheesecakes thrown in for good measure, it looks like serious eaters across the country had some impressive spreads at the holiday table. Click through for 18 photos of your Thanksgiving feasts, plus one totally awesome slo-mo video involving turchetta and stuffing waffles from reader Steve Yun:

Yun says: "Three years ago I didn't know how to operate a one-button rice cooker. With the help of the internet and many sites such as yours, I've been able to make some delicious food and have fun learning. Since I made your sous-vide deep fried turchetta and stuffing waffles for Thanksgiving I decided to dedicate this video to you guys. [Ed. note: Aw, thanks, Steve!] Yes, I do a lot of dumb things in this video (dropping food into hot water, pans too hot) but I figured it looked fun in slow motion. Also, LED lights don't look trippy to the normal eye, they only look psychedelic in slow motion."

Check out the rest of the spreads!

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