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We're turning 7 this week, which in internet (like dog) years, makes us almost 50. And yet as I reflect on where we've been and where we're going, I feel more like a youngster with my whole future in front of me. Because as much as we've accomplished—starting with a piece of paper in 2006 filled with my dreams and ideas to taking millions of people along on a seriously delicious ride today—I know that there's so much more to come.

New stories and community ideas percolate at SE Headquarters like a freshly brewed pot of coffee. We'll be rolling them out over the course of the new year: regularly scheduled events, new columns, new writers, and new ways to present our content, all providing the unique combination of utility and pleasure Serious Eats is known for to an ever-growing community. So get ready, serious eaters, for many more years of serious deliciousness brought to you by the greater SE crew, our community, our contributors, and our advertisers and marketing partners, all of whom have allowed us to grow into the most precocious seven year-old imaginable. Here's to many more years. Happy Birthday to us!

About the author: Ed Levine is the founder of Serious Eats.


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