Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 18 Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The true story of Thanksgiving may be murky, but there's one thing most of us can agree on: no matter how impressive your Thanksgiving spread, it's never truly complete without its iconic centerpiece. Whether you'll be spatchcocking it up or going all-out turchetta, we've got 18 tried and true turkey recipes to feed a crowd (or just make a whole lot of leftovers).

From a traditional roast to, well, pretty much every iteration imaginable (can you say Chinese-style turkey buns?), these recipes are engineered to get even the most turkey-averse into the Thanksgiving spirit. Which, of course, means deeply, profoundly sleepy.

Not sure where to start? Take a look through our guide to buying and prepping your Thanksgiving turkey and make sure you've got your full arsenal of essential equipment. Jump straight to one of the recipes below, or click through the slideshow for some extra inspiration!


Turkey, Turkey, and...Turkey!

About the author: Cleo von Siebenthal is an Editorial Intern at Serious Eats who is convinced that she will one day own a chocolate factory.

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