Feasting Bavarian-Style at Bronwyn in Somerville

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[Photographs: Liz Bomze]

The last time I had really good spätzle was at Schulte and Herr. I'd made a point of hitting up the homey German cafe in Portland because, until recently, Boston didn't have much in the way of good spätzle, or for that matter German cuisine at all. (I go weak in the knees for those chewy, amorphous, brown butter-crisped noodles.)

Then, late this spring, Bronwyn landed in town. It's chef-owner Tim Wiechmann's latest venture, one of several big-name openings in Somerville this year, and it's named for Wiechmann's wife and business partner. The food menu hits many of the German and Central European classics you'd expect—killer spätzle, of course, as well as sausages, huge pretzels, beer-cheese soup, pierogi, schnitzel, and sauerbraten—and a few that you might not. The beer list is longer and exceptional, with pages of well-chosen lagers, pilsners, and hefeweissens imported from that region.

Click through the slideshow for the highlight reel. You'll be heading to Union Square for brats, beer, and blood pasta (say whaaat?) before you know it.

About the author: Liz Bomze lives in Brookline, MA, and works as the Senior Features Editor for Cook's Illustrated Magazine. In her free time, she freelances regularly for the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Improper Bostonian, and Martha's Vineyard Magazine; practices bread-baking and canning; takes photos; reads; and watches baseball. Top 5 foods: fresh noodles, gravlax, sour cherry pie, burrata, ma po tofu.