[Photograph: Kenji Lopez-Alt]

It's our goal at Serious Eats to provide you with everything you need to have the most delicious, stress-free Thanksgiving humanly possible. But things don't always go as planned. Sometimes, you end up at your crazy aunt's house, who's trying to shove a giant frozen turkey into the oven while ducking repeatedly into the basement bar for a little pick-me-up or three. Sometimes, your renegade brother-in-law insists on deep-frying the turkey by "intuition," and then things go boom. And on some very special occasions, your teenage cousin sabotages the entire turkey with a bottle of rat poison moments after it's been carved to protest turkey cruelty. It's on those nights when you just have to say 'screw it,' and order in Chinese. We've all been there (right?).

So lay it on us, Serious Eaters: what's the worst Thanksgiving disaster that's ever befallen you?


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