[ Photographs: Joshua Bousel ]

I'm notoriously bad at eating leftovers. I save everything with the intention of reheating at a later date, but seldom do I actually take something out the fridge and pop it in the microwave instead of eating out or cooking a new meal.

This is even true with all my Thanksgiving leftovers, which I tend to eat once and never again. So to combat my wasteful ways, I've started grill-pressing my leftovers into warm and delicious panini.

You can use whatever leftovers you have on hand. Last year, that was a combination of herbed roast turkey breast, cornbread and sausage stuffing, all-purpose gravy. I piled them all onto a ciabatta roll and then pressed them on a medium-low grill beneath a pre-warmed brick wrapped in foil.

The resulting squashed sandwich was incredible—transforming leftovers into something new and exciting. Not only were all of the flavors of the Thanksgiving meal represented, but they came together in an altogether novel way.

I'm happy to say that it's helped solve my leftover blues, and my usual one microwaved plate of a holiday meal past its prime was supplemented by two of these awesome panini.

About the author: Joshua Bousel brings you new, tasty condiment each Wednesday and a recipe for weekend grilling every Friday. He also writes about grilling and barbecue on his blog The Meatwave whenever he can be pulled away from his grill.


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