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I'm embarrassed to say that before today, I don't remember ever eating Life cereal. In fact, now that I've written it for all the world to see (because obviously all the world reads this column), I'm even more ashamed. Well, I'm here to talk about how I've been missing out on Life all these years. Basically, this clip by the incomparable Jerry Seinfeld says it all.

Life Cereal is truly awesome.

I'm not sure why life was never on my radar. I guess growing up it was one of those seemingly benign/boring/healthy cereals in other households, but it was never allowed in mine. Not sure why— maybe too many colors on the box? Too much joy in the name? Whatever the reason, my younger years were spent Life-free. And yes, as the sad story goes, by the time I got to college, other more sugary cereals won my attention.
For a bit of background, Life was introduced in 1961, but became popular in the 70's with its famous "Mikey" Ad Campaign. Today's flavors are Original, Cinnamon and Maple & Brown Sugar.

Several people at SEHQ have mentioned Life from time to time. I started to pay attention when the non-cereal-lovers started talking up Life, and I realized this was a topic that needed to be discussed.

Ok, not so much discussed as stated. Life cereal is incredible. While dry, the crispy sweet little squares flake apart pleasantly. In milk, the pieces sort of meld together in a soft pillow of sweet, multigrain goodness.

The Cinnamon variety is equally as superb. While there is no physical evidence of the cinnamon-sweetness like there is on my beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there is wonderful cinnamon flavor hidden inside these humble squares.

My only regret in regards to Life cereal is that I've spent a lifetime not enjoying it. This stops now! There's got to be some dedicated Life fans out there, right? Any other chumps out there like me who have somehow never tried it?

About the author: Aside from doing an awesome job with her role as Advertising Sales Manager, Leandra Palermo secretly harbors a lifelong passion with all things crunchy and served with icy cold skim milk. This column represents the culmination of that love affair.

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