Where to Eat in Canada: 8 Great Spots in Vancouver, BC

[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks this summer on a Pacific Northwest tour-cation. It began with the requisite three days exploring Portlandia, which was expectedly filled with Stumptown and dudes with beards. Then it was onto Washington: three oyster-filled days in Seattle, plus 24 hours of paradise in in the San Juan Islands (GO NOW). Finally, I was left with one mere week to leisure in Vancouver. "You'll love the 'Couv," friends told me before I left (don't call it that). "Definitely spend as much time as you can over there." But I was skeptical: Wouldn't a week be too much time? What's with all the fuss, eh? And yet it turned out to be my favorite city of the PNW trifecta, the only one I would consider moving to if NYC isn't faithful (no offense, Portland or Seattle, but I think it's best if we just stay friends).


Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Vancouver's a typical PNW city. Just look down the street and you'll see beautiful mountains in the distance, flocks of runners in Stanley Park, and vegan tacos. The weather's mostly crisp with a sense of rain. But Vancouver is more accessible than Portland or Seattle, at least to a gal traveling without a car or a bike. The seawalls are within city limits, people are both NYC-cool and Canada-friendly, and there's a great food scene without pretension.

I'd read that Vancouver's known for its sushi and Indian food, as influenced by its location and inhabitants. But there's also an American-influenced scene, complete with bacon doughnuts and a 24-hour '50s diner (Lucy's Eastside Diner, not pictured). Except for the currency and its funny slang ($1 coin = a loonie, $2 coin = a toonie), it felt like I was still in the States—hence, a good part of the week was spent eating pie. Plus, I started each morning with a new cappuccino to test the city's coffee standards, and I'm happy to report that she passed.

Click through the slideshow to see some of my favorite Vancouver bites, eh?

About the author: Jessica Leibowitz is in charge of all things video at Serious Eats. You can follow her on Twitter at @photo_delicious.