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Open Thread: What's Your Fantasy Food Band Called?


Who could forget The Beets and their Killer Tofu tour of '92?

If you hang around SEHQ long enough, you're pretty much guaranteed to catch one of us rocking out, whether it's Jamie blasting Bruce Springsteen on the 4th of July, Ed air-guitaring to Tom Petty on a Friday afternoon, or Ben cranking Beyonce's 'Halo' pretty much...all the time. In short: we like music almost as much as we like food, so it's only natural that we'd find a way to combine the two, even if it's only in our heads. Here's a look at some of the more clever food-related bands we invented in the office:

So, what about you? If you were in a band involving food, what would you be called, and what kind of music would you play? Hit us with your best shots in the comments!

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