Jars of doom [Photograph: Lucy Baker]

You've felt the burn: that jar you just can't open, the package that won't reseal, the plastic safety seal that slices that tender skin between your nail and finger when you try to peel it off that brand-new bottle. There's all sorts of rage-inducing food packaging out there, designed to make a simple trip to the grocery store akin to visiting hours in the ninth circle of Hell.

"I feel like all of the frustration I used to have with opening CD cases has translated to opening the plastic seals over caps," says Kenji. (Niki has a permanent scar on her thumb from trying to open a particularly stubborn plastic seal with a kitchen knife.) Tracie used a phrase unprintable in this family publication to describe her frustration with "resealable" deli bags that won't actually re-seal. Paul loathes shrink-wrapped produce sold on a Styrofoam tray, deeming it "excessive."

Tricky pop-tops, sticky jars, and tins with spouts in the center are some of our other least-favorite designs, but enough about us. What food packaging drives you crazy? Let us know in the comments!

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