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The new Halloween issue of the Serious Eats Magazine is out and available for download right now!

I don't know why exactly, but everyone who works at Serious Eats is a Halloween freak (for evidence, see here). What do we love about it? Just about everything: the candies, the costumes, and pumpkin carving, and the parties, to start with. So it's only natural that we'd dedicate the October issue of our magazine to the holiday, jam-packing it with enough goodies to make you temporarily forget you're too old to trick-or-treat.

Inside, you'll learn how to pair spirits with Halloween candy, how to mix your leftover loot into ice cream, and recipes for everything from pumpkin cheesecake to homemade candy corn (yes, you read that right). Plus, Kenji will teach you how to carve pumpkins like a pro. The only thing that's missing are the costumes—for that, you're on your own. Best of all, it comes delivered to your iOS device in one beautifully-designed, easy to navigate app. (We hope to have an Android version out for you in the future.)

Download the issue here and if you really like it (which we hope you do!), sign on to receive future issues at a rate of $19.99 for a yearly subscription, $1.99 per month for a recurring monthly, or $2.99 for individual issues. And Happy Halloween, Serious Eaters! May the spirit of deliciousness always be with you.

By the way, you can still check out the charter Grilling: Steak issue of the magazine free of charge. Just head on over and download away!

Download the magazine now!

About the author: Ed Levine is the founder of Serious Eats.


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