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Pete Wells offers a smart, unique, and refreshingly original take on the state of New York tacos, and specifically why the recent rash of sit-down, high-end taqueria openings might not be the best thing for their quality. —Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

I'm loving The Kitchn's decluttering/cleaning kitchen cure series. Great inspiration to empty out the pantry and get the fridge organized.—Maggie Hoffman, Drinks and Senior Editor

In case I didn't already have enough reasons to want to visit Japan, there's an all-you-can-eat (in an hour) cookie buffet in Tokyo and OMG TAKE ME THERE.Robyn Lee, Art Director/AHT Editor

Food Republic interviewed Jason Vincent, the chef at Nightwood for its column "Ten Things I Hate," and he obviously had a few things to get off his chest. He hates most housemade kimchi, restaurant workers who complain on Yelp ("the worst of the worst"), and research trips: "Let's call them what they are: trips to New York or Paris or Copenhagen or wherever so you can steal design and food ideas and write off the expenses." —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

This dog in a fez would like to sell you some dates. —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

More fodder on the Great Tipping Debate of 2013 from Eater (and get our take here). —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

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