To celebrate National Cereal Lovers Week, we're kicking off The Battle Outside The Bowl Sweepstakes! So put away your milk and spoon, and go create something with cereal that's never been done before. Submit your best cereal creation and be entered for your chance to win $1000 and a whole lot of cereal. How does it work?

  • Use your favorite cereal and think outside the box to create something delicious. Let your imagination run wild, go beyond the humble cereal treat. Most importantly, have fun with it!
  • Upload a photo and description of your masterpiece, by clicking here
  • Your submission enters you for a chance to win the grand prize. And you might even see your creation featured on Serious Eats or Hello Cereal Lovers!

So, cereal lovers, go forth and cook, bake or even shake up a cocktail. Think about creating dishes that could be considered "food truck fare," "twisted flavors," "simple classics," "flavor deconstructed," or "vintage revisited." And don't forget to get "waaaayy out of the bowl" with some crazy, out-there cereal ideas.

Need some inspiration? All week, we'll be posting videos of some of our favorite chefs playing with cereal. Check out the trailer below!

One lucky cereal lover will be randomly chosen for the grand prize, so go forth and create!

This post created in partnership with Hello Cereal Lovers.

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