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Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Snack?


If you're going to smuggle in popcorn, try these 10 fun toppings while you're at it [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Summer blockbuster season is upon us, with all of the CGI explosions, heaving bosoms, car chases, and alien invaders that Hollywood can possibly conjure taking over the silver screen. (Oh, and Woody Allen has a new movie, too.) I'm not complaining —as a lifelong subscriber to Entertainment Weekly (yeah, I said it) and a serious Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture buff, I do take a certain delight in plopping down in a dark, air-conditioned room to revel in movie magic, however mindless. Plus: snacks!

I will not disclose one way or another whether I bring my own snacks in to the theater,* but I will list my favorite snacks overall: Junior Mints, Reese's Pieces (a holdover from my ET days), and Peanut M&Ms. Popcorn is rarely my go-to, but when I do get it, you can bet I'm loading that tub up with fake butter and salt. Interestingly, I almost never eat any of those concessions outside of a movie theater —if there's any candy I crave in natural light, it's a Snickers bar.

Asking other Serious Eaters about their movie-snack habits touched a nerve—here's a selection of responses:

*Is that actually a crime? Someone else in our office, who shall remain nameless, actually said, "I like to make popcorn at home and bring it with me," which seems way more offensive than smuggling in a box of Junior Mints.

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