Buttermilk [Photograph: Molly Sheridan]

An epic series of blog posts about tipping. Start here. It's a must-read for anyone who goes to restaurants, works in restaurants, or wants to own a restaurant. We've gone all conscious in supporting organic farming practices, but what about fair wages? This is the most comprehensive writing that I've seen that addresses the inherent inequalities in our current system of how restaurant workers get paid. —Tracie Lee, Designer

Rehashing unpleasant restaurant experiences is one of my favorite pastimes, much as I try not to indulge such negativity. That said, I love Eater's Shitshow Week every year. I eat these stories up like sweet, sweet candy. This post of anonymous critic complaints was my favorite so far, but Alison Robicelli's contribution was great, too. —Ben Fishner, Ad Ops Admin

There's a film coming out about carnivorous squirrels. Look at their cute faces while they eat yours! —Max Falkowitz, NY Editor

Basically the entirety of Scientific American's new Food Issue, which includes a feature called "Why Does Food Taste So Delicious?" —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

I love soup plates and would be pretty happy to eat all my meals from a bowl, but the San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Bauer feels differently. Here's his rant on the problem with restaurants serving too many dishes in bowls. —Maggie Hoffman, Senior and Drinks Editor

Bad Jelly doesn't just document the horrible recipes of yesteryear, but it also tests the recipes so no one else has to ever. Like Rainbow Seafood Casserole made of canned smoked cod fillets, powdered chicken soup, canned corn, peas, tomatoes, cheese, and potato chips. Or Banana Candles, in which bananas are ruined garnished with mayo and candied cherries to look like melting candles...or...something else. —Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Chief Doodler

A link to a link led me to this old New York Times story about buttermilk. The bottom line: I need to try the real, good stuff. Any one have suggestions for brands or where to buy? —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor


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